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Americans love playing poker online

Despite all the legal impediments to free online gaming, we can't say that online poker players have disappeared from the United States. It's quite the contrary! According to a recent study, three years after the entry into force of UIGEA (Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act), American poker players remain the most important on the web, far before their European fellows. This is a classic example of a social phenomenon that defies the law.
The study reveals that 10 million Americans form the online casinos customers community in US, versus 2 million in United Kingdom and 1,3 million in France.
In 2006, when the ban on online gambling was decided in US, we could see a completely open market counting tens of thousands of players, where the competition between operators was so tough that players could become its victims. Some states previously tried to regulate the market at their level, but how to deal with a field that knows no borders or limits?
This is why the federal government decided to put an end to this "Wild West" of Internet gaming and enacted the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act to prohibit any form of online games and especially online poker.
Since then, no major operator hasn't taken the risk of generating traffic on their sites by way of American players. Three years later, it appears that more than 10 million Americans are still playing poker on the web, despite the federal law. Operators having defied Washington are not numerous and until the unlikely revocation of UIGEA, they risk severe penalties from the federal government.

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