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Online gambling, likely to be legalized in Ireland

European countries are all trying to find solutions to counter the economic crisis and to ensure the welfare of their citizens. The online gambling is a very lucrative industry and several countries are now working on new legislation that will put and end to state monopolies and liberalise their markets.
Unlike some of its neighbors, Ireland realised that this industry could benefit to the country. According to a study carried out by the Irish consulting company DKM, a national regulated market would generate approximately 5.000 jobs in an industry being worth € 2.2 billion. If Ireland decided to establish an appropriate infrastructure and adopt a new gambling law, the country could collect 5% of global online industry revenues.
At the moment, the debate is particularly political. Online gaming is still banned in Ireland, victim of an outdated law, which entered into force in 1956. A local political leader even called the law "a relic of a social history quite inadequate to regulate the online casino industry in a modern European state".
In other European jurisdictions, this subject is also a very disputed issue. The closest to a legalized industry is France, which is likely to open its market next year. The bill on which the future of online gambling depends will be examined by French deputies in October.

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